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 Brassbowl @ Ostende - 14-15/12

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Brassbowl @ Ostende - 14-15/12 Empty
MessageSujet: Brassbowl @ Ostende - 14-15/12   Brassbowl @ Ostende - 14-15/12 Icon_minitimeMar 15 Oct - 9:24

Le plus gros et le plus vieux tournois belge de bloodbowl.
a une heure de Lille (et avec des autoroutes gratuites) farao

Driesfield a écrit:
Zoals elk jaar gaat Brassbowl door op het eerste weekend naar Sinterklaas.
Dit jaar is dat op 14 & 15 december.

De regels zijn weinig veranderd tegenover de tiende editie.
Het scoringsysteem is iets gewijzigd (zie verder)

The Tournament:

Zaal Nieuwland
Nieuwlaandstraat 76
8400 Oostende

The Rules

Each players has 1.100.000gc to buy a team. All gold has to be spend.
The teams are divided in Three tiers for the skill selection.

Tier one:
Amazon, chaos dwarf, dark elf, dwarf, lizardmen, norse, orc, skaven, undead, wood elf
3 skills on saturday, 2 skills + 1 double on sunday.

Tier two:
Chaos, Chaos Pact, Elf, High Elf, Human, Khemri, necromantic, nurgle, slann, vampire,
4 skills on saturday, 3 skills +1 double on sunday.

Tier three:
Golbins, halflings, Ogres
4 skills + 1 double on saturday, same on sunday.

No stacking of skills, skills must be given before you know your opponent.

Halflings can hire a masterchef for 100k, goblins can buy bribes for 50k to a maximum of three.
No starplayers, wizards or inducement cards.
Crowd-pushes, fouling casualties and "throw a rock"-casualties count toward your team casualty-score.
Stunty teams are: halflings, ogres, goblins & all skink + kroxigor teams.


The scoring is 5 pts for a win with 2 TD's different, 4 for a win with 1 TD, 2 points for a draw, 1
point for a loss with 1 TD, and 0 for a loss with 2TD's or more.
Swiss pairing is used from rounds 2 untill 5
For the first round players will be devided in groups according to their origin so you cannot play against someone from your own league or the group you came with.

Tiebreakers are:
Opponent's score, number of wins, no of TD's scored, no of TD's against, no of cas inflicted  and cas recieved.
After that it's a drinking contest.

The Schedule:

Fridayevening we open at 19h00 until ...

On saturday the doors open at 9h00.

end of registration 10h

Round 1 from 10h30 until 12h30

Lunch from 12h30 until 13h30

Round 2 from 14h until 16h

Round 3 from 16h30 until 18h30

Round 4 on sunday starts at 11h until 13h

Lunch starts at 13h until 14h

Round 5 14h until 16h.

Award ceremony is at 16h30.

Players going in overtime will be given a 15 minute-period of extra time after which the match is terminated.


We're still working with the youth hostel "De Ploate"
( in Oostende.
People wishing to stay at the hostel should give us the names of the players staying as well as the
number of nights. The price for your stay should be very economical.


If you register and pay before 1 december 2012 you pay 12€.
As of 1 december you pay 14€.
The money can be transfered to:
IBAN BE74 3630 8059 4007
Make sure to mention your name and Brassbowl XI.

Friday evening plans:
On friday evening the venue will already be open and the club will host a normal games night. Any Brassbowl participants are more than welcome to join for a game or a chat.

Saturday evening plans:
As is traditional at Brassbowl we will be going to the chickenshack (De Koekoek) in the evening for the finest chicken you can find for miles around. In order to be able to book sufficient room, please let us know if you'd like to join.

The Reward:
There are prizes for the top 3, best painted, most casualties, most touchdowns, wooden spoon, stunty king


All prizes are sponsored by Willy Miniatures

*edited hours on sunday so the last round ends at 16h*
N'hesitez pas a me demander si vous avez des questions.

Mais moi j'y serai cheers
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Messages : 24
Date d'inscription : 21/01/2013

Brassbowl @ Ostende - 14-15/12 Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Brassbowl @ Ostende - 14-15/12   Brassbowl @ Ostende - 14-15/12 Icon_minitimeJeu 5 Déc - 12:52

il y a une quarantaine d'inscrits (pre-inscrits)
N'hesitez pas a venir, ca va etre sympa (un wallon de Nivelles - fredturtle - y vient, alors pourquoi pas vous)
ils ont meme cree une entree sur t3 (on va voir si ca permet d'attirer un nouveau public)
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Brassbowl @ Ostende - 14-15/12
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